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Terms & conditions

How to select the product?

It is both possible for the customer to select from the products of the webshop and to purchase them. Registration is needed neither for browsing the pages, nor for purchasing but if want to place an order, your data (name, e-mail address, the addresses of delivery and invoicing) are necessary. By clicking on the selected product, the customer can read a longer description. In case of an intention to purchase, by clicking on the “Basket” button, the product intended to be purchased is transferred into a virtual basket. By clicking on the “View” button of the Basket button, the customer can view products he/she transferred into the Basket while purchasing, together with the total amount of the invoice and delivery expenses. This is the place where they can verify their order, with special regard to prices and quantities. Modifications, corrections are also possible. The basket automatically counts the total amount to be paid.

In our webshop we cannot handle bulk purchases.

How to send the order?

After you verified the quantity and total invoice value of the products in the basket and decided that you want to purchase them, simply click on the “Cash register” button. The system now asks you about your purchase (already registered, registration as a new customer or purchase without registration). If you are a returning customer, please enter the e-mail address and password you provided during registration. If you want to purchase as a new customer, please provide the necessary data. The system will store them and upon your next purchase, you will only need to log in. If you want to purchase without registration, simply provide the addresses for invoicing and delivery purposes.

The next step is to select the method of delivery (Magyar Posta – Hungarian Post Office, GLS) and the method of payment (bank transfer, PayU). If you concur with order content, please click on the “Order” button to place your order. By clicking on this button you also agree to purchasing terms and conditions and also acknowledge that this is a legal statement that entails an obligation to pay.


Prices displayed next to the products in the webshop are list prices that are in effect at the time of purchase. Prices exclude delivery expenses. Delivery expenses are displayed during the payment process, prior to the finalisation of the order and are also outlined in the purchasing terms and conditions. In case the webshop malfunctions, or if the products or the prices are insufficient for any reason, we reserve the right of correction. In such cases we advise the customer of new and proper details immediately after having detected and corrected the error. Subsequently, the customer can confirm the order once again and it is also possible for any of the parties to withdraw from the agreement.
The processing of orders
On workdays orders are processed within 48 hours.

How to correct errors made during the data entry?
Prior to clicking on the “Order” button, it is possible to correct data entry mistakes.

We confirm every order in an e-mail message. This means, that after having placed the order, you receive an automatic e-mail about the receipt of your order and (later) another one advising of expected delivery time. In case of problems, or if you need more information, please call our customer service at +36 1 261 0296

Payment terms and conditions
In our webshop you can both pay by a credit card or bank transfer.
Bank: Cib Bank Zrt.
Bank account number: 10700189-48327509-51100005

How we deliver the orders? 
The consignments are delivered, transported by the Hungarian Post Office (Magyar Posta). Delivery timeline is outlined both during the payment process and also in the confirmation e-mail. By calling the phone number in the confirmation e-mail, you can also make further arrangements about your delivery: For delivery we use either Magyar Posta or GLS.

Withdrawal from delivery
In case the webshop fails to meet its contractual obligation because the product specified in the agreement is not available or the webshop cannot provide the ordered service, we must notify you of these circumstances forthwith. The webshop does not conclude agreements with minors. By accepting the trading terms and conditions, you also declare that you are of legal age.

How to return the product?
We only accept returned products if they are intact both in terms of quantity and quality and are in their original packaging.

Information about the terms and conditions of contracting
The agreement is concluded in the English language, the agreement concluded shall be regarded a written agreement / not as a written agreement. The agreement concluded is filed / not filed, can be accessed later / cannot be accessed later.


Right of withdrawal / Return guarantee
For 14 working days after the conclusion of the agreement, you can withdraw from the same without giving any explanation. The period open for such withdrawal starts on the day when you received the products. In cases, where for health or hygienic reasons the product cannot be returned once opened after delivery, you cannot exercise the right to withdraw from the agreement. Within 14 days of becoming aware of such withdrawal, we will reimburse you for the full amount you paid as consideration, including delivery expenses (except for additional expenses incurred because of you choosing not the cheapest way of delivery we offer). You are obliged to return the product intact and in original packaging within 14 days of the communication of the intention of withdrawal by either having it re-delivered or handed over to the person authorised to receive it. In case you return the product prior to the expiry of the 14 day deadline, the deadline will be regarded as complied with. We will withhold the amount to be reimbursed until you returned the product or proved that it was actually returned (of these two dates, we will consider the one that occurred first). The amount to be reimbursed will be returned in the same manner as the payment was effected.

You may either complete the withdrawal form on our website [] or submit any other statement that unambiguously specifies your intention to withdraw. If you opted for this method, we will immediately confirm the receipt of your withdrawal statement using a permanent data carrier (e.g. an e-mail message).

Expenses incurred in connection with the return of the goods arising from the exercising of the right of withdrawal are your responsibility. No further expenses are charged to you but we may claim compensation for any damage we suffer because of the unintended use of the product. In case the product returned while using the right of withdrawal is not in an intact condition suitable for re-sale, you must pay compensation provided the deterioration of, the damage to the state of repair of the product and any other inability to return the product was due to you wilful intention or negligence. If the product is opened in the presence of the person delivering it (post office employee or courier) and proves to be damaged prior to receipt, we will immediately re-possess it and cancel the sale. Any damage or shortage must be documented in the factual minutes that were taken by the transferring-receiving parties. We are not a position to accept responsibility for any shortage or damage that was identified subsequently.

Detailed provisions concerning the right of withdrawal are stipulated in the no. 54/2014 (II.26.) Government Decree that can be downloaded from the website of the National Consumer Protection Authority (Nemzeti Fogyasztóvédelmi Hatóság).


The passing of title
Until the purchase price is paid fully, the product delivered remains the property of the seller. In the case of erroneous or rejected orders, we add the product to stock under the name of the “new” owner and the consideration will be paid to the new owner, following a new, successful sale.

How to amend or cancel the order?
Pursuant to the Act CVIII of 2001, the system of the seller’s webshop immediately confirms to the customer the receipt of the order. This confirmation, however, is not regarded as an agreement between the seller and the customer. It simply notifies the customer that his/her order was recorded in our system and that is was sent to the responsible employee of the seller.
In case the customer fails to receive this notification within 48 hours, he/she shall no longer be bound by his/her offer to purchase.
Until the fulfilment of the order is started, we make it possible for our customers to withdraw from their order electronically. Once we start executing the order, the customer receives an e-mail about the expected duration of completion and the fact that we started executing his/her order. Subsequently, the customer can cancel the order only personally or by contacting us using any of the methods specified in the “Customer service” menu.
In order to amend or modify the order subsequently, the customer must act in writing and send an e-mail to (

Information about warranty in respect of latent defects and product warranty

1. Warranty in respect of latent defects
In which cases are you covered by this warranty?
In case of defective performance or non-conformity, you are covered by the warranty in respect of latent defects and can claim compensation from the business in this respect in line with the provisions of the Civil Code.

What are your rights under the warranty in respect of latent defects?
•    You have the following options: 
•    You may request repair or replacement unless it is impossible for the business to meet your request or it would incur disproportionately higher expenses for the business relative to meeting any other requests. In case you did not /could not) request repair or replacement, you may request the reduction of price or fix (or have others fix) the error at the cost of the business, or ultimately may also withdraw from the agreement.
•    Regarding your rights under this type of warranty you may also opt for another right to use but the related costs will be your responsibility, unless the choosing to use another right was justified and the business concerned gave reasons for you to do so.

What is the deadline for enforcing your claim under this warranty? 
•    You are obliged to report the defect immediately after discovering it but in no more than two months. You must also be aware that there is also a period of limitation in place, that is no rights under this type of warranty can be enforced after the expiry of the deadline (two years after the fulfilment of the purchase agreement).

Where can you claim compensation for your rights under this type of warranty?
•    You can submit your claim for compensation under this warranty to the business concerned.
Are there any further conditions to be met when claiming compensation under this type of warranty?
•    In addition to reporting the defect, for no more than six months from the delivery/fulfilment, there are no further conditions you need to meet when claiming compensation under this type of warranty, in addition to proving that the product was sold by HELIA-D Kft. However, after six months, you must prove that the defect you discovered existed at the time of delivery/fulfilment.

2. Product warranty
In which cases are you covered by this product warranty?
•    If the product is defective, you may to choose to be covered by either warranty in respect of latent defects (as outlined in section 1 above) or by product warranty. 

What are your rights under product warranty?
•    Under product warranty you only request to have the defective product repaired or replaced.

When can the product be regarded defective?
•    A product is defective if is does not meet quality requirements in effect at the time of placing it on the market or does not demonstrate the features outlined in the manufacturer’s description.

What is the deadline for enforcing your claim under this warranty? 
•    You can claim compensation under product warranty within a two-year period to be calculated from the time the product was placed on the market / distributed by the manufacturer. If this period expiry, you no longer have these rights.

Where can you claim compensation for your rights under product warranty and are there any further conditions?
•    You can submit your claim for compensation under product warranty solely to the business that manufactured or distributed the movable property. In case of a claim under product warranty, it is your responsibility to prove the defect of the product.

When can the manufacturer (distributor) be exempted from its obligations under product warranty?
•    The manufacturer (distributor) can be exempted from its obligations under product warranty only if they can prove that
- they manufactured or distributed the product not in the course of their business activity, or
- according to scientific or technical evidence, the defect could not be detected at the time of placing the product on the market, or
- the defect of the product stems from the application of law or a mandatory official requirement.
•    It is sufficient for the manufacturer (distributor) to prove only one reason for exemption.

Please, be aware that in case of the same defect, you can be covered only by either warranty in respect of latent defects or product warranty but not both. However, if you choose to be covered by product warranty and get compensated, you can still enforce latent defect warranty rights against the manufacturer in respect of the product replaced or the part/s repaired.



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